For 14 years now, USUD has been collaborating with a great number of young scientists, supporting them both from an educational and research point of view. Today they occupy various positions in both the public and private sector. 

Scientists who have at some time collaborated with USUD are listed below:

Teaching and Scientific University Staff Members.

  1. Αpostolos Apostolidis, Assistant Professor of Urology - Neurourology, A.U.Th.

  2. Αntonis Goulas, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, A.U.Th.

  3. Κyriakos Moysidis, Lecturer of Urology, A.U.Th.

  4. Chrysa Pourzitaki, Lecturer of Pharmacology, A.U.Th.

  5. Vasilis Tzortzis, Assistant Professor of Urology, University of Thessaly

  6. Κonstantinos Hatzimouratidis, Assistant Professor of Urology, A.U.Th.

PhD Degree Holders

  1. George Giaglis, Neurologist, Scientific Associate, B' Department of Neurology, A.U.Th. 

  2. Νikos Kallinderis, Registrar, Department of Urology, A.U.Th., Papageorgiou Hospital of Thessaloniki

  3. Thanasis Bekos, Urologist, Private Physician

  4. Stamatis Papaharitou, Reprodcution Biologist, Thessaloniki

  5. Ζoe Tsimtsiou, General Practitioner, Registrar B', Health Center of Alexandria

PhD Candidates

  1. Κalyvianakis Dimitris, Urologist, PhD Candidate, University of Crete

  2. Κyrana Paraskevi-Sophia, Health Psychologist, PhD Candidate, University of Athens

  3. Κonstantinidou Eleni, Physiotherapist, PhD Candidate, A.U.Th.

  4. Νakopoulou Evangelia, Psychologist, PhD Candidate

  5. Ferentidou Fotini, Resident of Psychiatry, PhD Candidate, A.U.Th.

Other Scientists

  1. Voultsiadou Antiopi, Molecular Biology

  2. Georgoula Ioanna, Psychologist

  3. Gounari Georgia, Psychologist

  4. Grigoropoulos Iraklis, Psychologist

  5. Daskalou Vasiliki, Psychologist

  6. Diamanti Argyroula, Psychologist

  7. Zaikos Georgios, Psychologist

  8. Iraklidou Maria, Psychologist

  9. Κallia Thomae, Psychologist

  10. Κantziou maria, Internist

  11. karantoni Maria, Psychologist

  12. Κatsohi Eleftheria, Psychologist

  13. Κatopodi Theodora, Psychologist

  14. Κerasidou Olga, Statistician

  15. Κiletsi Irini, Psychologist

  16. Κiosi Anneta, Psychologist

  17. Κiousi Dimitra, Psychologist

  18. Thomaidou Evanthia, Αnesthesiologist

  19. Κondelidis Nikolaos, Urologist

  20. Κoutsogiannis Ioannis, Urologist

  21. Lagoumaki Athena, Psychologist

  22. Μakris Thomas, Physiotherapist

  23. Μallis Dimitrios, Psychiatrist

  24. Bamia Christina, Statistician

  25. Basiouri Fani, Psychologist

  26. Οιkonomou Athanasios, Urologist

  27. Peiou Maria, Occupational Physician

  28. Pesintzaki Chrysanthi, Laboratory Technician

  29. Portseli Alexandra, Psychologist

  30. Sideri Georgia, Psychologist

  31. Soumbara Malamatenia, Psychologist

  32. Tzimou Glykeria, Psychologist

  33. Tsiouprou Marina, Psychologist

  34. Frydakis Marios, Statistician