URO School


Within the context of Continuing Education, the Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases (ISUD) has been organizing every year since 2008 the Interactive School of Urology. As an Academic Institute, ISUD invests equally on both the production and dissemination of knowledge -always with the significant support of distinguished Academic Professors from all Universities of the country. Withing the framework of medical ethics and good clinical practice, the Program aims at promoting and enhancing theoretical education, critical thought, communication between physician and patient, as well as collaboration among medical specialties. The ultimate purpose is the establishment of an Interactive School, a School of dialogue, a  School of Urologists, where trainers and trainees discuss following a two-way procedure of learning and exchange of clinical experiences.

Among the primary educational principles of our School are the small number of Specialized Urologists as Trainees, distinguished Academic Professors as Trainers, presentations focusing on learning problem-solving (based on Evidence-based Medicine and Patient-centered Care) and, above all, plenty of time dedicated to discussion -actually much more than the time of theoretical teaching. 

The Interactive School of Urology meets every year in the mountain of the Centaurs for 4 days at the end of spring.