URO Courses

Keeping track with new specialized knowledge and being able to integrate it in everyday clinical practice is a tough issue for every Urologist. At the same time, traditional teaching with lectures and transparencies cannot any longer cover the Urologists’ needs for it leaves a large gap in the way this new knowledge can be incorporated in the Urologist’s everyday clinical practice –either at a public or private setting.  It is exactly towards this direction that SRHC (Sexual and Reproductive Health Center) and all Centers composing USUD (Unit for the Study of Urological Studies) have organized so far more than 50 Clinical Workshops all over Greece, as well as 2 Consensus Meetings.

All USUD educational actions are today organized by ISUD (Institute for the Study of Urological Studies). We move ahead with enthusiasm always having high quality as top priority in our educational programs, constantly upgrading our technical standards (High Definition/ HD video recording, e-assessment forms etc) and particularly aiming at high interaction by giving the opportunity to the participants to answer in real time through an educational platform installed on our website.

In the section of Uro\courses, you will find 2 Consensus Meetings that were organized in the past, as well as some of our Clinical Workshops.