According to tradition, when the mother of baby Asclepius (Father of Medicine) died, Apollo carried the baby to Centaur Chiron to Mount Pelion. Centaur Hiron raised Asclepius and conveyed to him all his knowledge about therapies. Zeus placed the figure of Asclepius holding the therapeutic snake among the stars, right next to the figure of his teacher Centaur Chiron.

The above mythological information justifies why we have selected Mount Pelion as our UroSchool location. Portaria is the most easily accessible village in Pelion. The experience of all previous years has shown that getting isolated at such a particularly blessed natural landscape -the favorite resort of the gods of Olympus- is ideal to meet the UroSchool objectives. Once again this year, UroSchool will be hosted at the Portaria Hotel. Our aim is to have a plain but respectable scientific event, avoiding any exaggeration or anything incompatible to the learning process.



The organization is fully undertaken by the ISUD UroSchool Committee comprising the following members:

  1. Α. Αpostolidis (Self-Evaluation Test/ Accreditation)
  2. D. Kalyvianakis (Educational Material)
  3. Μ. Tsiouprou (Organization/ Registration)
  4. D. Hatzichristou (Educational Program)


Communication for organizational issues:

Marina Tsiouprou, ΜΑ

Head Coordinator for ISUD Actions

Τel./fax:  2310228028

Mobile phone:  6942791082

website: www.




Our Aim

The Institute for the Study of Urologic Diseases (ISUD) is a non-profit organization aiming at promoting the health of the urogenital system by providing information, prevention, early diagnosis, documented therapy and rehabilitation in urological diseases.

Our History

ISUD was founded in 2011, under the initiative of Scientists/ Academic Members of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th.), with the significant support of the A.U.Th. Research Committee. It came as a natural continuation of USUD (Unit for the Study of Urological Studies) of A.U.Th. that was founded in 2006, and of SRHC (Sexual and Reproductive Health Center) that was the first USUD Center established in 1997.

ISUD was set up with the aim of supplementing and expanding the actions of USUD through very close collaboration, with USUD providing financial support and essential know-how. Today in its new organizational scheme, USUD focuses on Clinical Research expanding also to Basic Research with the development of the new Molecular Urology Lab (MUL), while ISUD organizes and implements the educational/training actions that USUD used to undertake in the past. At the same time, ISUD develops programs for disseminating information and raising public awareness, implements check-up programs for citizens, designs and conducts epidemiological studies in the Community. In addition, thanks to its highly specialized know-how and long teaching & research experience, ISUD provides advisory and organizational services to third parties (public & private bodies, companies, enterprises) within the context of actions related to its field.



Become an ISUD member by filling in the special e-application form on the new site

Once you apply, you will immediately get your password to have access to ISUD for Experts, where you can find rich educational material and updated information related to all ISUD actions.




33, Nikis Avenue

54622 Thessaloniki

Telephone: 2310 228028