The Evaluation Committee of UROTOUR 2012 highly appreciats the interest of young Greek Urologists in Continuing Education/ Training.  


The Selection Process was tough, taking into serious consideration the following criteria:

a) Priority of those who have never before visited a Center of Excellence abroad

b) Linguistic communication ability (adequate knowledge of the English language or the language spoken in the country to visit)


Based on the above mentioned criteria, the following Urologists were selected to participate in UROTOUR 2012:


Urology Center of Excellence


University Hospitals, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium

Κostas Efstathiou (Volos)

Yannis Fisfis (Argostoli, Kefalonia)

University of Innsbruck,

Medical school, Innsbruck Austria

Apostolos Youris (Serres)όστολος Γιούρης (Σέρρες)

Spyros Spanopoulos (Athens)

La Pitié Salpêtrière Academic Hospital, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France

Dimitris Moshonas (Athens)

Μanolis Chrisafis (Athens)

University Hospital

Bern, Switzerland

Yannis Xoxakos (Athens)

Vasilis Sfiggas (Patra)

Sant’ Andrea Hospital «La Sapienza» University of Rome, Italy

Urania Vergetaki (Iraklio, Crete)

Sotiris Koukos (Veria)


The Committee would like to underline that those who, due to limited positions, have not been selected to participate in Urotour 2012, can re-submit for the next UROTOUR 2013. 


The Evaluation Committee

Gerasimos Alivizatos

Αpostolos Apostolidis

Dimitris Hatzichristou

July 16th, 2012