Urotour 2013 Ankara

Center of Excellence: Hacettepe University Hospitals

City: Ankara, Turkey

Director: Prof. Fazil Tuncay Aki

Visit dates: 10/11-17/11/2013

Trainees: Koutalos Dimitrios (Lamia)

                   Paskalidis Aristotelis (Athens)


What the Trainees said:

Koutalos Dimitrios

Description & Evaluation of the Center

During the period 11- 17/11/2013, I participated in Urotour 2013. Together with a great colleague from Athens, we had the opportunity to visit the Urology Clinic of the Hacettepe University Hospital in Anchora. We were warmly welcomed by our distinguished colleagues there. I would like to particularly thank Professor Dr. Fazil Tuncay Aci, Dr. Hasan Serkan Dogan and Dr. Mustafa Sertac Yazici.

 The Urology Clinic of the Hacettepe Hospital in Ankara is located on the 2nd floor and has a capacity of 40 beds. There is also a Paedourology Department with 15 beds. There are many Specialist Urologists and 17 Residents. There are 2 operating theaters on daily basis, apart from Wednesdays. Every day a great number of surgical procedures and paedourological interventions are performed. Our daily program in the clinic would last from 8:30 to 17:00, and included many endoscopic and neurourological procedures, percutaneous nephrolithotripsy, nephrostomy tube insertion, transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TUR), radical cystoprostatectomy and cutaneous ureterostomy, radical prostatectomy. We also had the opportunity to attend a laparoscopic nephrectomy and kidney transplantation. We were impressed with the simplicity, politeness and warm hospitality of the medical and nursing staff, who were constantly willing to answer all our questions and queries. Lastly, Professor

Dr.Fazil Tunkay Aci invited us to the Conference of the Turkish Urology Society held in Ankara and we had the chance to get better acquainted with him at a dinner that was organized in our honor by him and his assistants.

Paskalidis Aristotelis

Description & Evaluation of the Center

The Haccetepe University Urology Clinic has a capacity of 25 beds for adults and 13 beds for children.  The medical staff comprises 12 Specialist Urologists and 14 Residents. There are 3 operating theaters working on a daily basis, except Wednesday when there are courses held for Residents. Oncological and transurethral surgical procedures are performed on Mondays, paedourological surgeries exclusively on Tuesdays , renal transplantations (1-2 per week) on Thursdays, laparoscopic procedures and lithotripsies on Fridays (mostly percutaneous lithotripsies). Renal transplantations are performed by Professor Fazıl Tuncay Akı, with laparoscopic  (hand assisted) live donor nephrectomy.  Professor and all physicians were very friendly with us. We were also invited to attend seminars of the Turkish Urology Society at Marriott Hotel with high level presentations and clinical workshops under the supervision of invited Radiology and Endocrinology Professors. Professor Fazıl Tuncay Akı, who is in love with our Greek islands, encouraged me to visit again the Clinic whenever I wish for a longer period of time.