Prevention of Prostatic Hyperplasia (Hypertrophy)

Prostatic Hyperplasia (Hypertrophy) occurs at an advanced age, since the prostate gland starts growing in size after the age of 40. There is no real prevention for prostatic hyperplasia. 

However, there are some ways that could help treating symptoms:

  1. Maintain normal body weight. Obesity is a risk factor for increasing prostate volume.

  2. Adopt a Mediterranean diet that contains many vegetables and fruit (rich in b-carotin and vitamin C) and can reduce the risk for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Also it is highly recommended to consume healthy fats -such as ω-3 fatty acids- and limit saturated fats.  

  3. Reduce daily fluid intake to 2 liters. Avoid consuming liquids after supper.

  4. Avoid or cut down on alcohol and caffeine. Limit consuming drinks in the evening.

  5. Try to urinate every 3 hours at the latest.

  6. Avoid drugs that aggravate symptoms, e.g. denongestants, antihistamines and diuretics.