How often don’t we discuss together the problems of our patients? How often don’t we feel we need a second opinion? And how often don’t we find the various scenarios in our educational programs insufficient and non-realistic? The structure in this year’s masterclass has changed. It brings together two of our most successful training actions: the well-established Masterclass of Functional Urology with the equally successful Andrology update that we presented renewed last year and you so warmly embraced!


But there is even more. We are taking a further initiative. We are presenting for the first time live, patients talking themselves about their own suffering experience from their disease and the difficulties they face along therapy. The aim is to simulate the setting of our medical office, and watch our colleagues being faced with the same patient. In this way, we renew our knowledge by linking evidence-based medicine with clinical experience.  We remain committed to our continuous efforts for resolving our patients’ symptoms and improving their quality of life. 


We strongly believe that this pioneering structure will prove to be substantial and highly effective for the application of new knowledge to clinical practice.  We expect it to be the most practical Masterclass ever organized by ISUD.

We are inviting you to actively participate in this year’s Masterclass of Functional Urology/ Andrology that will offer us all the opportunity to learn, discuss and end up together to indicated therapeutic protocols.


Friendly yours,     


Dimitris Hatzichristou

Professor of Urology, A.U.Th.

President of ISUD