ISUD at the 21st Panhellenic Urology Conference

The participation of the Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases (ISUD) in the 21st Panhellenic Urology Conference in Athens (11-14 October) was particularly substantial and fruitful.

At the special ISUD stand, there was continuous online connection and image flow from the ISUD website, providing a simulation tour around the website and showing videos from difficult urological case surgeries –all being part of the ISUD E-Learning Program.

Numerous Urologists and other Health Professionals, all participants of the 21st Panhellenic Conference,  used the two installed laptops to be guided through the ISUD website and registered as ISUD members, so as to have access to the rich material that is available only for Experts.

The ISUD stand was visited by distinguished Urologists from various foreign Universities, who participated in the Conference and congratulated the ISUD President Professor Dimitris Chatzichristou, on his initiative to develop such an exceptionally useful and functional e-learning platform/ tool for Urologists. Lastly, the ISUD Vice President, Assistant Professor Apostolos Apostolidis, stood out at the Conference for his work presented receiving the first award for his poster and the second award for his oral presentation.