Film Show on Urinary Incontinence, 8.4.2013 Sykies, Thessaloniki

The open event organized in common by the Public-Benefit Corporation (Social Utility) of Neapolis-Sykies and the Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases (ISUD) was held with great success at the indoor theater of Sykies on Monday 8th April 2013.

From early in the evening many men and women –mainly elderly- proceeded to the theater and watched the film on Urinary Incontinence created by ISUD. Following the 25-minute film, Assistant Professor of Urology Apostolos Apostolidis invited the viewers to openly pose their questions related to the issue. The audience responded with plenty of questions that concerned either themselves or familiar persons. It was remarkable that the majority was well informed about the matter and had very specific and crucial queries, which were answered by Professor Apostolidis.

Later on, Mr Dimitris Hatzichristou, Professor of Urology, A.U.Th. and ISUD President, took the floor focusing on social taboos related to urinary incontinence problems and encouraged the audience to get aware of potential therapies and seek solution for their problem.

Lastly, the guests passed on the theater foyer, where they were served coffee, soft drinks and sweet treats. They were also asked to fill in questionnaires on urinary incontinence and assess the film they had seen. More than 10 ISUD associates were there to help then answer the questionnaires and inform them about public clinics to which they can address themselves for treating incontinence. 

ISUD would like to warmly thank all participants of the event and assure that it will continue actions for raising the awareness and educating the public upon urological issues with even greater enthusiasm.


In particular, we would like to warmly thank the following people, for this event would not have been possible to take place without their substantial contribution:

  • Mayor Simos Danielidis and Mr Kostas Nikolopoulos, President of the Public-Benefit Corporation of Neapolis-Sykies for their co-organization
  • Mr Aristidis Galanos, President of the Municipal Center for Social Protection and Solidarity
  • Mr Yannis Dalatsis, Municipal Councillor