17:00-19:00 Clinical Workshop Ι: Our Life as an Infertility Factor


Friday, February 9, 2018 -
17:00 to 19:00

When taking the history of a male with infertility problem, we very often forget to ask about his daily habits, for example whether he has a sedentary life, the type of his diet and his working environment. And yet it is known that all these factors may affect fertility. The question logically arising: Is the damage caused reversible? And, if yes, within how long can it be reversed? And to what extent? In other words, is it worth for a man trying to become a father to quit smoking? Is it worth going on a diet or starting to exercise? Is it worth taking probiotics or antioxidants? And, above all, should the advice we provide upon his everyday life depend on the findings of his spermiogram?



- Physical exercise – Smoking – Smoking – Obesity & Fertility

- Occupational Exposure & Fertility

- Inflammatory factors & Fertility

- How Intestinal Endotoxins Reduce Testicular Function: the GELDING Theory and the Role of Probiotics

- After all, what should we Recommend to our Patients?