National Drug Directory

The National Drug Directory is published by the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) , which provides Health Professionals with important information on the use of medication. The National Drug Directory includes information on pharmaceuticals that are available in the market in our country and have been proven to be effective. Medication potentially effective or of doubtful effectiveness, based on modern bibliography data and the opinion of specialists, have not been included. The material of the National Drug Directory is organized in a simple, coded and concise way, making it truly user-friendly. In the National Drug Directory, New Drugs are highlighted so as to remind Health Professionals of the need to be particularly vigilant in regard to adverse side effects of the specific medication concerned. The National Drug Directory has been published in five printed editions – the most recent one in 2007 – and in electronic format (2006). The 2007 National Drug Directory is posted on EOF’s Internet portal.

Click on the picture to open the National Drug Directory. To find a drug easily, just write the commercial or chemical name in the special search field, at the top right-hand corner.