Yellow card

The Yellow Card is a tool for collecting information pertaining to adverse side effects of medication.

Health professionals (doctors, nursing staff, etc.) are responsible for filling out the Yellow Card every time they suspect that a drug may have caused an adverse side effect.

If you are a health professional, please use one of the following methods for reporting potential adverse side effects of pharmaceutical products for human use.

Fill out and electronically submit the adverse side effect report


Print out the Yellow Card and send it by fax to EOF

[National Organisation for Medicines]

(210 6549585)

There is a copy of the Yellow Card in the National Drug List. Alternatively, you can ask for the Yellow Card in printed format by requesting it from EOF [National Organisation for Medicines] (Adverse Side Effects Department, Mesogeion 284, 155 62 ATHENS or by calling 213 2040380 and 213 2040337, Fax 210 6549585).

For more information on the Yellow Card and reporting adverse side effects of pharmaceutical products for human use, click here.