Nocturnal Erection Test (Rigiscan)

What is the Nocturnal Erection Test (Rigiscan)?

It is a diagnostic screening test to identify whether the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychogenic or organic. This test is performed at home with the use of a special device. Your physician will give you a small suitcase containing a device (Rigiscan) and a special sheath. During testing, the device is adjusted to your thigh with use of the sheath. Testing should be performed for at least 2 nights (usually 3), and the device is returned to the physician.

When is the Nocturnal Erection Test performed?

Your Urologist may recommend a Nocturnal Erection Test in case you suffer from erectile dysfunction and it is uncertain whether the etiology is organic or psychogenic.

What preparation is needed for the Nocturnal Erection Test?

There is usually no need for any special preparation. It would be useful to avoid afternoon naps during the testing days, so that you sleep easily at night.

How is the Nocturnal Erection Test performed?

Before going to bed at night, you should place the device (Rigiscan) you have been given by your physician. Your physician will provide you with detailed instructions about how to use the device properly. The steps to take are as follows:

  • Put new batteries into the device (every night).
  • Fix the sheath tightly to your thigh and place the device into the sheath.
  • Fix the ring noted “base’ onto the base of your penis and the ring noted ‘tip’ onto the tip of your penis.
  • Press the ON button.
  • You will immediately feel the ring moving and adjusting to your penis.
  • In the morning press the OFF button and keep the device in the suitcase.
  • Should you need to urinate during the night, turn off the device and remove it. After urination, place the device back following again the above instructions.
  • The procedure is absolutely painless.

Once all recordings are completed, return the device to your physician. Your physician will connect the device to a computer; all data will be analyzed with the use of a special software and the test results will be printed out. 

How are the results of the Nocturnal Erection Test interpreted?

According to the result (organic or psychogenic erectile dysfunction), the physician will provide you additional instructions and inform you about therapeutic options that are appropriate for you. Should there be any doubt, your physician may recommend you to undergo more specific screening (e.g. penile Triplex).